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About eScrip

The Lake County 4-H program has added eScrip to our funding raising effort to keep our    4-H program moving forward.

To enroll in eScrip:

  1. Click on eScrip Registration to start the sign up process.  
    If you already have an eScript account, go to eScrip and click on my eScrip to add Lake County 4-H. 
    NOTE: You can have up to 3 eScrip beneficiaries. 
  2. Enter our Group ID # 500000933
  3. Follow the steps to complete you registration.  Make sure to add  your credit cards and grocery store cards!
  4. Spread the word and get others to sign up! It makes a difference and could add over $24,000 a year to our program!!!!

eScrip Merchant Guide

View the eScrip Merchant Guide  for a complete list of participating vendors.