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Gardening in Lake County

Lake County Gardening Guide:
To order a copy of this garden guide please contact the UCCE office at (707) 263-6838. Garden Guides are $12.00 if purchased at the UCCE office counter and $14.00 if mailed. 

Gardening Guide Cover

Cooking with the Seasons Cookbook: 
Recipes compiled by Lake County Master Gardeners and local chefs: Cookbooks cost $10.00.


Gardening after a Fire:

Cleaning Up After a Fire Disaster (.pdf)

Effects of Wildfire Suppression Chemicals on People and the Environment - A Review (.pdf)

Wildland Fire Chemical Clean-Up (.pdf)

Gardening in Drought Conditions:

Gardening during a Drought (.pdf)

Keeping Landscapes and Garden Plants Alive Under Drought or Water Restricitons (.pdf)

Recommended Low Maintenance Shade Trees for Lake County List (.pdf)

NEW UC Publications:

Food Safety Tips for Your Edible Home Garden (.pdf)

Sustainable Landscaping in California (.pdf)

Durable Delights Arboretum (.pdf)

Low Water Arboretum All Stars (.pdf)

Gardening in Lake County Brochures:

Gardening with Native & Naturalized Plants in Lake County (.pdf)

Suggested Water-Wise Plants for Xeriscape Gardening (.pdf)

Attracting Pollinators To Your Garden Brochure (.pdf)

Home Composting Brochure in Lake County (.pdf)

Gardening in Lake County Publications:

Native and Naturalized Plants for the Home Garden in Northern California (.pdf)

Recommended Native Plants for Lake County (.pdf)

Trees and Shrubs for Northern California Serpentine Landscape (.pdf)

Control Options for Major North Coast Stone Fruit Diseases in Home Orchards (.pdf)

Calendar of Operations for Backyard Walnut Trees (.pdf)

A List of Deer Resistant Plants for the Garden (.pdf)

How to Attract and Maintain Pollinators in Your Garden (.pdf)

Gardening in Lake County Resources:

Soil Testing Laboratories (.pdf)



For more information or to request a copy call (707) 263-6838 or email

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