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4-H Newsletters

Archival Newsletters

Archival Newsletters for the Lake County 4-H Youth Development Program. For current newsletters please go to the 4-H Youth Development page on this site.

Issue Articles Type Date Added
May 2020

4-H Council Elections - Need Nominations, Alexander Scholarship Deadline Extended, 4-H Online Record Book To Sunset Info, How to Lead a Virtual Meeting, Wellness Webinar, Online Learning with 4-H Learning & Project Tree, California 4-H at Home, 4-H Epidemiology Statewide Project, California Focus Canceled, Information Regarding 4-H Livestock Projects. 

PDF 5/7/20
March 2020

4-H Summer Camp Registration NOW OPEN, 4-H Fling & Expo Event & Entry Info, 4-H Council Seeking Council President Nominations, Paper Clover Campaign, Alexander Scholarship Info, 4-H Camp Is The Best Article by All Star Candidate Robin Adams, Club Updates, Presentation Day Photos, Countywide Astronomy Project Info, and more!!!!! 

PDF 3/9/20
February 2020

County Presentation Day Still Time to sign-up, Summer Camp, 4-H Fling, Countywide Birding Project, Countywide Pigeon Project and much more! 

PDF 2/18/20
January 2020

4-H Camp NEW Dates!!, Camper & Teen Staff Application Information, County Presentation Day - Registration Now Open!!, 4-H Fling & Expo Save the Date, Backyard Bird Project - Sign-Up, California Camping Conference, Lake County Fair Foundation Dinner Dance Info and so much more!!!!!!!!

PDF 1/8/20
December 2019

4-H Camp Info, Teen Camp Staff Applications Available, Presentation Day Announcement, Shooting Sports Announcement, Club Updates, Calendar of Events. 

PDF 12/19/19
September 2019

4-H Enrollment Information, NEW Dates - 4-H Summer Camp, Achievement Celebration Announcement - Awards & Ice Cream...Everyone is Welcome!!, Veterans' Day Ceremony - Start making cards!!, National 4-H Week, Wreaths Across America, Robin Adams - All Star Project - Petting Zoo, Jaden Bussard - Challenges and Obstacles in My Life, Calendar of Events, 

PDF 9/11/19
August 2019

4-H Enrollment Information, NEW 4-H Summer Camp Dates, Seeking Council Secretary Nominations, 2019 Lake County Fair Information, 2019-2020 4-H Year Calendar. 

PDF 8/6/19
June 2019

Seeking Council Treasurer Nominations, 2019/2020 4-H Year Approaching, Enrollment fees, Junior Livestock Update, Fair Requirement Reminders, Enrollment Instructions.... and much more!

PDF 6/6/19
April 2019

4-H Summer Camp Registration now open!, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Information - TIME TO SELL TICKETS!!, State Leadership Conf. Info, Shooting Sports Training Info, Alexander Scholarship Application now available!, Seeking Council Treasurer Nominations, Jr. Livestock Report - Katy Evans, 4-H All Star Award Received - Charlie Adams, 4-H Fling & Expo Pictures, Big Valley 4-H Update, Calendar of Events.

PDF 4/9/19
March 2019

4-H Fling & Expo Event & Registration Form, 4-H Summer Camp Application NOW Available, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, State Leadership Conference Registration Info, Alexander Memorial Scholarship Application, Tractor Supply - Paper Clover Fundraiser, Junior Livestock Meeting Update, Club Reports, and Calendar of Events.  

PDF 3/14/19
February 2019

Presentation Day Registration Open, 4-H Fling & Expo Registration Information, 4-H Summer Camp Info, Shooting Sports Events, Banner Contest Winners, Club Reports and much more!!!! 

PDF 2/7/19
December 2018

4-H Summer Camp Teen Staff Info, Whites Closet has moved, Re-Enrollment Info & Deadlines for 4-H Adult Volunteers, Save The Date - County Presentation Day, Upcoming shooting sports events, Club and Project Updates, Calendar of Events, and much more!! 

PDF 12/5/18
November 2018

Veterans Day Ceremony, 4-H Whites Closet Relocation, Returning Volunteer Information & Instructions, Shooting Sports Info, Wreaths Across America, Goat-vember Info, Community First Bank Photo Contest, Step by Step Enrollment Guide, Calendar of Events. 

PDF 11/5/18
September 2018

ENROLL NOW for the 2018-2019!!, 2018 Achievement Celebration Info, National 4-H Week Announcement & Proclamation Info, Charlie Adams - All Star Art Event Day, Lake County Veterans' Day Ceremony Info - TIME TO MAKE CARDS!!, 4-H Canned Food Drive - Happening until the end September, Alexander Scholarship Recipients, Step-by-Step Enrollment Guides, Calendar of Events.   

PDF 9/11/18
August 2018

2018/2019 NEW 4-H Year reminder/instructions for re-enrolling, Photo Banner contest...submit your PHOTOS!!, 2018 Lake County Fair information!! NEW information this year please read everything!!, Llama project information.

PDF 8/16/18
July 2018

Upcoming Council Elections...Seeking Candidates for President & Secretary, NEW 4-H YEAR has begun - RE-ENROLL ONLINE!!, Fair and end of year reminders, Photo Contest for 4-H Banner, Family Fun Shoot, Llama Packing Project Offered, Enrollment Instruction.  

PDF 7/9/18
June 2018

4-H Council Elections- Nominees needed!!, 2018-2019 4-H Program Year Information, 2018 Lake County Fair Information, 4-H Banner Photo Contest, Big Valley Baking Project Update, 2018-2019 4-H Enrollment Instructions, Calendar of Events. 

PDF 6/6/18
May 2018

Summer Camp Update, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast SELL SELL SELL, 4-H Pull-Up Banner Photo Contest, Club Reports, Calendar of Events. 

PDF 5/11/18
April 2018

April Summer Camp Update, Summer Camp Info, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Ticket Info, 4-H Banner Photo Contest, Tractor Supply Paper Clover, Paul Alexander Scholarship Information, Rainbow Ag Horse Workshop, Club Updates, Calendar of Events. 

PDF 4/5/18
March 2018

March Update 4-H Summer Camp, 4-H Fling & Expo Information and Entry Form, Alexander Memorial Scholarship Information, Citizenship & Leadership Pizza Fundraiser Information, Tractor Supply Fundraiser, Presentation Day Plaque Winners and Pictures, Calendar of Events and more.........

PDF 3/7/18
February 2018

4-H Summer Camp Registration Information, 4-H Fling & Expo Info & Entry Forms, JoAnn Fabrics & 4-H Partnership, Anderson Marsh Discount Card Fundraiser Information, Upcoming Shooting Sports Info, Animal Science Resource Links, Club Reports, Calendar of Events.

PDF 2/12/18
January 2018

Summer Camp Information & Deadlines, Presentation Day Forms and Information, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, STEM Activity Egg Drop, JoAnn Fabric Discount, Club Updates, Calendar. 

PDF 1/9/18
December 2017

Teen Staff Application Announcement, Returning Leader Information, Presentation Day Information, National Youth Summit, Shooting Sports, Wreaths Across America, Club Updates, and much more!!

PDF 12/7/17
November 2017

4-H Camp Teen Staff Applications Available and Deadlines, Important Reminders for Re-Enrolling Adult Volunteer Leaders, Re-Enrollment Online Training Instructions, National Youth Summit, 2018 State Field Day, Wreaths Across America, Club Reports, Calendar of Events and more!!!

PDF 11/8/17
October 2017

4-H Achievement Celebration Thank You, Veterans' Day Celebration information and card making reminder, Re-enrollment & New Enrollment process for Adult Volunteer Leaders, Upcoming shooting Sports events, Countywide Shooting Sports Project, Spark Survey Information, Wreaths Across America Information, Cattle & Hog Success Seminar, Club Reports, Achievement Celebration Pictures, and more!!!

PDF 10/10/17
September 2017

Achievement Celebration Information, National 4-H Week Information, 4-H Proclamation Presentation Board of Supervisor Chambers, Re-Application Process for Adult Volunteer Leaders, Application Process for NEW Adult Volunteer Leaders, Shooting Sports Events, Countywide Shooting Sports Sign-Ups, Paul Alexander Scholarship Winner Announced, Danny Wilds Trophy Winner Announced, Club Updates and much more!!! 


PDF 9/13/17
August 2017

2016-2017 Achievement Celebration Information, Canstruction 4-H Fair Feature Booth Information, 4-H Re-Enrollment Information and Instruction, Adult Volunteer Process Information, 2017 Lake County Fair Information and Updates, Countywide and New 4-H Projects, and much much more!!!! 

PDF 8/3/17
July 2017

Enrollment reminders, Important upcoming dates, Canstruction for feature booth Lake County Fair, Fair Documentation info, Upcoming Shooting Sports, Youth Quality Care of Animals info, Club Reports, Countywide Shooting Sports Project info, Model Horse Project info, Calendar and much more!!!!

PDF 7/13/17
June 2017

Alexander Memorial Scholarship Information, 4-H Summer Camp Meetings, 4-H Council Election Nominees, NEW 4-H Year Starting July 1, 2017 info, Fair Foundation donation opportunity, Project Completion information for Livestock Project Leaders, 2017 Club Fair Documentation Info, New Requirement for Livestock Exhibitors Info, Club Reports, New Model Horse Project Info, 4-H Online Enrollment Instructions and much more!!!!

PDF 6/7/17
May 2017

4-H Summer Camp - Still Accepting Camper Applications, May Summer Camp Update, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Enrollment Training, WHY Conference, Council Elections, State Leadership Conference, Club Updates. 

PDF 5/3/17
April 2017

Still Accepting Camp Registration!!, April Camp Update, Upcoming Camp Meeting Dates, Enrollment Updates & Volunteer Enrollment Coordinator Training Date, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast - SELL SELL SELL!!, Erin Evans Receives All Star, "You See Davis Days", 4-H Fling & Expo Big Success, Club Reports, Erin Evans article - 4-H Goes to the Board of Supervisors. 

PDF 4/6/17
March 2017

March 4-H Summer Camp Update!!, Camp Registration Info, 4-H Fling & Expo Info, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Silent Auction Items, Club Reports. 

PDF 3/9/17
February 2017

4-H Summer Camp Info and Deadlines, County Presentation Day Info and Deadlines, 4-H Fling & Expo Registration Forms and Deadlines, Upper Lake 4-H Annual Tri-tip Dinner, Shooting Sports Events, State Interview Contest Info, and Club Updates. 

PDF 2/7/17
January 2017

Presentation Day Info, 4-H Fling & Expo Save the Date, Cavy & Rabbit Show Information, Camp Meeting Dates, December 2016 Camp Update, State Interview Contest Info 2017 State Field Day, Shooting Sports Update Meeting, Club Reports, 4-H Calendar. 

PDF 1/5/17
December 2016

Presentation Day 2017, 4-H Fling & Expo 2017, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, 4-H Summer Camp Meeting Dates, 4-H State Cooking Competition, LCORT Event Info, How to make Rock Candy, Club Reports, Lake County 4-H Calendar and much more!!!

PDF 12/5/16
November 2016

Veterans' Day, County Presentation Day, REACH for the Stars Workshop, Clover Speak,     4-H Summer Camp Info & Teen Staff Forms, Statewide Calendar, Wreaths Across America Fundraiser.

PDF 11/3/16
October 2016

Summer Camp Update, Veterans' Day Celebration and card making reminder, Save the Date 2017 Presentation Day, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, 4-H Calendar

PDF 10/5/16
September 2016

4-H Achievement Celebration Information, County Record Book Deadlines, Record Book Info & Guides, National 4-H Week Celebration & Board of Supervisor Proclamation, Countywide Shooting Sports Project, Countywide Igrow Project, Upcoming Shooting Sports Trainings, Club Reports, Alexander Memorial Scholarship Winner, Danny Wilds Trophy Winner and much more!!!!

PDF 9/8/16
August 2016

2016 Achievement Night, Council Corner, County Record Books, 2016 Lake County Fair Info, Tips, and Reminders, Emerald Star Award Received Blake Schuster, Kiwanis Breakfast Updates and Thank You!!, Officer Extravaganza Report, Family Fun Shoot, Upcoming Events and much much more!!!!!

PDF 8/1/16
July 2016

Featured Plaque Winner - Layla Wall, Council Election Results and Thank You, New 4-H Year Enrollment Information, End of Year Club Reports Due Reminder, Fair Documentation Reminder, Volunteer Request, Fair Entry Reminder and much more!!!! 

PDF 7/6/16
June 2016

4-H Council Elections!!, Catherine Braider Plaque Winner of the Month article, Club Officer Extravaganza, End of Year/Beginning of Year Information, Re-Enrollment Information, Upcoming Events, Higher Education Scholarships and much much more!!!!

PDF 6/7/16
May 2016

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Featured Presentation Day Plaque Winner Article, Club Officer Retreat, 4-H Council Elections, State Leadership Conference, 2016 WHY Conference, State Field Day, Shooting Sports Training, Club Reports, and much more!!!!!!

PDF 5/4/16
April 2016

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Club Reports, 4-H Fling & Expo, Upcoming Events. 

PDF 4/6/16
March 2016

New 4-H Youth Development Advisor Car Mun Kok introduction, 4-H Fling & Expo Info and Event registration forms, Make It Safe Food Safety Workshop, Project Leader Workshop, Presentation Day Photos, Anderson Marsh Exchange Article, and much much more!!!!! 

PDF 3/4/16
February 2016

4-H Summer Camp Important Information, County Presentation Day, Make It Safe Workshop, Project Leader Workshop, Fair Swine Information, 4-H Fling & Expo Information and Registration Forms, Club & Project Reports and much much more!!!!! 

PDF 2/3/16
December 2015/January 2016

4-H Summer Camp News!!, County Presentation Day Info & Registration Forms, CMP Scholarship Info, Countywide Geology Project, 2016 NorthCoast Youth Summit, Upcoming Shooting Sports Workshops, Erica Illg All Star Award, 4-H Achievement Program Pictures, and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PDF 12/28/15
November 2015

4-H Achievement Celebration Update, Veterans' Day Ceremony Info, 4-H Fun Shoot Update, Upcoming Shooting Sports Workshops, 4-H Technology & Leadership Team article, 4-H Citizenship & Leadership article, New 4-H All Star Announcement, Wreaths Across America article. 

PDF 11/4/15
October 2015

Letters to families regarding Valley Fire, National 4-H Week Ideas and Celebrations, Achievement Program UPDATE, State Office Online System UPDATE, Shooting Sports Training, Alexander Scholarship Recipient, Danny Wilds Trophy Recipient, Fair Foundation Animal UPDATE.

PDF 9/30/15
September 2015

Achievement Celebrations Information, Council Corner, Project Leader Training Information, Food Safety Online Course, 2015 Lake County Fair Information.

PDF 9/1/15
August 2015

2015 Lake County Fair Information & Tips, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, 4-H Pizza Fundraiser, Foundation Animal at Fair Article - Erica Illg, 4-H Achievement Celebration Information, Enrollment Information & Instructions, Blue Heron & Scotts Valley Hay Bale Contest Photos and much more!!!!!

PDF 8/5/15
July 2015

2015-2016 Enrollment Information, Kiwanis High Ticket Sales Winner, Fair Documentation Info, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, Blue Heron Club Updates, Proposed 2015-2016 4-H Calendar and much much more!!!!

PDF 7/13/15
June 2015

2015/2016 Enrollment Information, Donations for camp needed, upcoming, Important upcoming dates, 2015 Fair Documentation requirements, and much more.

PDF 6/4/15
May 2015

Next 4-H Council Meeting TUESDAY- May 26, 2015, 6:30 p.m. - Kelseyville High School Library, Summer Camp Info, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Info, State Leaders' Forum Event Info, Alexander Memorial Scholarship Deadline Extended, 4-H Happenings, 2015 Feed Seminar Info, 2015 Animal Symposium Event Info and much much more!!!!

PDF 4/30/15
April 2015

4-H Summer Camp Info, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Paul Alexander Memorial Scholarship, Higher Education Scholarship Info, State Leadership Conference, State Field Day, 4-H Fling & Expo Article and Photos, Feed Seminar Flyer, North Coast Goat Show Flyer, Letters from the State 4-H Office. 

PDF 4/8/15
March 2015

Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp Info, 4-H Fling & Expo Info and Entry Forms, Upcoming Shooting Sports Opportunities, Cole Creek 4-H Fundraiser, Presentation Day Winners and Article, Countywide Shooting Sports Program, Big Valley Donates to Animal Control and Care, Citrus Fair Rabbit & Cavy Show and much more!!!!

PDF 3/6/15
February 2015

4-H Summer Camp Information, County Presentation Day Information, E-Conference Dates and Registration Info, 4-H Member & Leader Survey Request, Exchange Program Information, Upcoming Shooting Sports Training's, Cavy Fun Day, and much much more!!!!!

PDF 2/5/15
January 2015

Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp Info, County Presentation Day Info, Connecting for Youth - E-Conference Info, 4-H Fling & Expo Announcement, Escrip Info, Exchange Program Info, 4-H Technology and Leadership Team, Countywide Geology Project, Wreaths Across America Update and pictures, Blue Heron 4-H Club caroling pictures, Hands on Livestock Expo & Ag Symposium Info & Entry Forms and much more!!! 

PDF 1/7/15
December 2014

Summer Camp Info, 4-H Council Election Results, Canned Food Drive, Technology & Leadership Team, Wreaths Across America Ceremony, Exchange Program, Make It Safe - Food Safety Training, Cobb Mountain Club Report, Upcoming Shooting Sports Training, and much more!!!!

PDF 12/4/14
November 2014

Summer Camp Info, Achievement Program Info, Veterans' Day Ceremony Info, Creek Clean-Up & Mushroom Walk Info, Countywide Projects, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, 4-H State Office Info & Events, Wreaths Across America, and much more!!!! 

PDF 11/3/14
4-H Council Meeting Date Change

4-H Council Meeting Date change please review!

PDF 9/19/14
October 2014

National 4-H Week, Council Elections, Achievement Night Set, Upcoming Events, Countywide Projects, State Office Info and much much more!!! 

PDF 10/6/14
September 2014

4-H Enrollment Info, Step to Success in 4-H Program, National 4-H Week Reminder, New Technology Leadership Team Project, Upcoming Shooting Sports, Club Reports, and much much more!!!!!

PDF 9/8/14
August 2014

2014 Lake County Fair Information, 2014-2015 Enrollment Information, Info from State 4-H Office, and much much more!!

PDF 8/7/14
July 2014

2014-2015 Enrollment Info, 10th Annual Family Fun Shoot Announcement, 2014 Lake County Fair Info, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, Emerald Star Awards Received, Enrollment Instructions. 

PDF 7/11/14
June 2014

Summer Camp Donations Needed, New 4-H Year Starting Reminder!!, National 4-H Headquarter Update, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, Food Safety Training, State Leadership Conference, SLF 2014, New Animal Science Opportunity, Step by Step Enrollment Guide. 

PDF 6/5/14
May 2014

Summer Camp Info, Summer Camp Donation Needed List,  Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Info, Food Safety Training, Upcoming events and much more!!

PDF 5/9/14
April 2014

4-H Summer Camp Information, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Info, Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines, 4-H Fling Photos, 4-H State Leadership Conference Info, Updates from the State Office, Article written by Flora Ibarra and much more!!! 

PDF 4/3/14
March 2013

Summer Camp Info, Danny Wilds Summer Camp Scholarship, Spring Fling & Expo Info and Deadlines, Upcoming Scholarships Available, Presentation Day Photos, Shooting Sports Announcements and much much more!!! 

PDF 3/5/14
February 2014

4-H Summer Camp Information, Presentation Day Information, 4-H Fling & Expo Information, State Field Day & State Fashion Revue Information, 4-H Uniform Contest, Upcoming Events and much much more!!!!

PDF 2/5/14
January 4-H Council Meeting Location Correction!!!

The January 27th 4-H Council Meeting will be at the Lower Lake High School Library at 6:30 p.m. Sorry for the wrong location in the 4-1-1.  Thank you!!

PDF 1/13/14
January 2014

Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp Info, County Presentation Day Info & Forms, 4-H Fling and Expo Save The Date, 2014 State Field Day Info, Blue Heron Spreads Holiday Cheer, Erica Illg Emerald Star Project and much much more!!

PDF 1/10/14
December 2013

Lake County 4-H receives $15,000 from the Lake County Wine Alliance, Summer Camp info, Blue Heron Community Service, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, Wreaths Across America Ceremony Info, and much much more!!!!!!  


PDF 12/5/13
October-November 2013

4-H Teen Staff Summer Camp Info & Application, Veterans Day Ceremony Info, Wreaths Across America Info, Upcoming Shooting Sports Trainings, Centennial Celebration & Achievement Program Photos, SLC Delegates Thank You's.

PDF 10/22/13
September 2013

4-H Enrollment Information, Upcoming Events, 2013 Fair Danny Wilds Trophy Winner and Fair Thank You List, Achievement Night Flyer, Centennial Celebration Flyer, and much much more!!

PDF 9/5/13
August 2013

2013 Lake County Fair Information, 2013-2014 Enrollment Information, Centennial Club Booth Information, Centennial Volunteer Descriptions, All Star Rank and Emerald Stars earned and much much more!!!!

PDF 8/2/13
July 2013

2013-2014 4-H Enrollment Information, 2013 Lake County Fair Information, Centennial Celebration Information, Sean Rudden All Star, Blue Heron Field Trip, Fire Safety Expo, and much more.

PDF 7/8/13
June 2013

4-H Summer Camp, 2013-2014 4-H Enrollment Information, Important Dates, Ag Unlimited Feed Seminar, Upcoming Events, Jocelyn Bennett All Star Article, Meno-Lake Beef Field Day and much much more!!!!!

PDF 6/7/13


PDF 5/13/13
May 2013

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast Info, Record Book News, Upcoming Events, Emerald Star Awards and more.

PDF 5/7/13
April 2013

4-H Summer Camp, Sectional Presenation Day, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Upcoming Events, Scholarships Information and much much more............

PDF 4/2/13
March 2013

4-H Summer Camp Information, Lake County Summer Camp Scholarship Information, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, Sectional Presentation Day, 4-H Fling Entry Forms, State 4-H Field Day Information... and much much more!!!

PDF 3/6/13
February 2013

4-H Summer Camp Information, Presentation Day Information, 4-H Future Task Force Meeting Information, 4-H Fling Entry Forms, Upcoming Events and much much more!!!!!

PDF 2/1/13
January 2013

County Presentation Day Information & Forms, Mendocino-Lake Summer Camp Information, Camp Counselor Meeting Dates, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, Online Record Book Training Workshop Information and much much more!!

PDF 1/3/13
December 2012

Tenative Camp Dates, ORB Training, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, All Star Earned, Salvation Army Help, Veterans' Day Ceremony Pictures and much much more!!!!

PDF 12/7/12
November 2012

Teen Camp Staff application now available, Veterans' Day Ceremony Information, Upcoming Online Record Book Training Workshop, Upcoming Shooting Sports Trainings, Wreaths Across America participation information and much much more!!!

PDF 11/7/12
October 2012

Achievement Night Information, National 4-H Week, Veterans' Day Ceremony, Teen Camp Staff Information & Dates, Upcoming Shooting Sports Events, Countywide Projects and much much more!!!!

PDF 10/3/12
September 2012

4-H Enrollment Deadlines, 2012 WHY Conference, County Record Book Judging, National 4-H Week, Achievement Night Information and much much more!!!

PDF 9/7/12
August 2012

2012 Lake County Fair Information, Enrollment Deadlines, Upcoming Events, All-Star and Emerald Star Awars recipents and much more!!!!

PDF 8/6/12
July 2012

Online Enrollment Instructions, Important Dates to Remember, 2012 Fair Information, Upcoming Events and Training's and much more.

PDF 7/11/12
June 2012

4-H Summer Camp Info, 2012-2013 4-H Program Year -Enrollment Info and Date reminders, 4-H Poultry Day, Upcoming Events, Online Re-enrollment instructions and much more.

PDF 6/6/12
May 2012

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Mendo-Lake 4-H Summer Camp Info, Family Fun Shoot, Mendo-Lake Beef Field Day, More Upcoming Events and much much more!!!

PDF 5/11/12
April 2012

4-H Summer Camp Information, Potter Valley Rabbit Show, 4-H Scholarship Information, Upcoming events and much more!!!

PDF 4/13/12
March 2012

4-H Summer Camp Information, Volunteer Enrollment Coordinator Training, Sectional Presentation Day, March for Meals End Senior Hunger Fundraiser, Upcoming events, Shooting Sports Workshop, 4-H Fling Information and Entry Form and much much more.

PDF 3/9/12
February 2012

County Presentation Day Info, Lake/Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp Info, 4-H Newsletter Going Electronic Announcement, New Advisor Announcement, Upcoming Shooting Sports Training, Enrollment Coordinator Training, 4-H Fling & Expo Registration Form and Info, and much much more!!!!!

PDF 2/3/12
December 2011/January 2012

County Presentation Day Information and Registration Forms, Summer Camp Information, Hand-On Livestock Expo Registration Form and Information, Countywide Project being offered, Project Leader Workshop and much much more!!!

PDF 12/16/11
November 2011

Enrollment Deadline Reminder, Thrive Training Info, Save The Dates, Achievement Night Photo and Thank You, Letter from County Director - Greg Giusti and much much more!!!!

PDF 11/14/11
October 2011

Enrollment Deadlines, Achievement Night Information, County Record Book Info, Veterans' Day Ceremony Info., and much much more!!!

PDF 10/4/11
August 2011

2011 Lake County Fair Information, Club Management Team Training, WHY Conference, Summer Camp Thank You and much more!!!

PDF 8/8/11
July 2011

In this issue......Updated Parent/Memeber Expectation Form, Fair Information, 2011 Buyers Invitation, Upcoming Events, and much much more!!!

PDF 7/8/11
May 2011

Lake-Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp Information, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Upcoming Shooting Sports Trainings, Family Fun Shoot and much much more!!!!

PDF 4/29/11
April 2011

Information on 4-H Summer Camp, Alexander Memorial Scholarship, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Family Fun Shoot and much much more!!!

PDF 3/30/11
February 2011

County Presentation Day Information & Forms, 4-H Fling & Expo Information and Forms, 4-H Summer Camp Information & Scholarship Information, Upcoming Events, 4-H Council Store Item List and much much more........

PDF 2/1/11
January 2011

4-H Summer Camp, Safe Food Handling Workshop, 4-H Fling, WHY Conference, County Presentation Day and much much more!!!

PDF 1/13/11
November/December 2010 4-H Camp Teen Staff Information, Food Safety Training, Veterans' Day and Achievement Night Photos, Online Training Information and much much more.... PDF 12/5/07
October 2010 Achievement Night, Citizenship Travel Information, Upcoming Events and much much more....... PDF 10/5/10
September 2010 Lake County Fair Reminders & Tips, 4-H Re-enrollment Information, Upcoming Events and much much more....... PDF 8/19/10
July/August 2010 Fair Information and Tips, Shooting Sports Volunteer Trainer Course, Summer Camp Thank You, End of Year Paperwork Reminders and much much more...... PDF 7/22/10
June 2010 Fair Information, State Leadership Conference, WHY Conference, Club Reminders and much much more!!!! PDF 6/8/10
May 2010 Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Lake County 4-H on Facebook, State Leadership Conference, and much much more....... PDF 5/17/10
April 2010 4-H Summer Camp, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Alexander Memorial Scholarship, Potter Valley Rabbit Show and much much more...... PDF 3/31/10
March 2010 4-H Summer Camp Info, Record Book Workshop, Presentation Day Photos, Feed Workshop and much much more.... PDF 3/4/10
February 2010 4-H Summer Camp Information, County Presentation Day Information & Forms, 4-H Fling Information & Forms, Upcoming Fundraisers and much much more..... PDF 2/8/10
January 2010 2010 Lake/Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp, Presentation Day, Countywide Geology Project & Sewing Project, 4-H Fling, Leader and Parent Information and much, much, more....... PDF 1/6/10
December 2009 Re-enrollment Info, Summer Camp Lost & Found, Summer Camp 2010, Leaders Retreat, and much much more........ PDF 12/4/09
November 2009 Volunteer Leader Appointment Process, Citizenship Focus Program, 4-H Leader Workshop and much much more..... PDF 11/3/09
October 2009 2009/2010 Enrollment Changes & Instructions, Achievement Night, Citizenship Travel News, Leadership & Citizenship Information, and much much more..... PDF 10/2/09
September 2009 IMPORTANT Enrollment Changes, Online Enrollment Instructions, Beginning of Year Reminders and Tips and much much more....... PDF 9/11/09
July/August Lake County Fair Information and Tips, Summer Camp Thank You and Lost & Found Information, All-Star Recognition, 2009 4-H Enrollment Changes, and much, much, more........ PDF 8/3/09
June 2009 2009 Lake County Fair Information, End-of-Year Club Reminders, Swine Showmanship & Clipping Field Day, Scotts Valley Beef Group Steer and Heifer Field Day and much more. PDF 6/8/09
May 2009 Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Steer & Heifer Field Day, Lake/Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp, GROW Workshop, 4-H Fling Photos and much, much, more..... PDF 4/29/09
April 2009 Lake/Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp, Alexander Scholarship Information, Sectional Presentation Day, Livestock Expo Photos, and much much more...... PDF 4/7/09
March 2009 Lake/Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp, Danny Wilds Scholarship Info, 4-H Fling, Alexander Scholarship Info, Rabbit Field Days, You See Davis Days, and much much more..... PDF 3/3/09
February 2009 Information and forms for County Presentation Day, Lake/Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp, Danny Wilds Scholarship, Livestock Expo, and much, much, more..... PDF 1/29/09
January 2009 County Presentation Day,4-H Summer Camp, Countywide Quilting Project, Club News, Feed Seminar and much much more..... PDF 12/29/08
December 2008 Presentation Day, 4-H Summer Camp, Club Reports, Upcoming Events and much much more.... PDF 11/26/08
November 2008 County Presentation Day, Summer Camp, Parent Member Expectations, Countywide Projects and much much more.... PDF 7/7/10
October 2008 Achievement Night, County Record Book Judging, Countywide Shooting Sports Project, Citizenship Travel Program Info, and much much more.......... PDF 10/1/08
September 2008 2008 Constitution Day, Fair Thank You Reminders, Lost Items at Fair, Shooting Sports Workshops, New Record Book Training Workshop and much much more..... PDF 9/5/08
August 2008 Master Gardener/4-H Collaboration, Fair Reminders and Information, Shooting Sports Training Opportunities and much much more..... PDF 12/11/09
June-July Countywide Sewing Project, Enrollment Changes 2008-2009 Year, Gardening Workshop, Fair Reminders and much much more...... PDF 6/24/08
May 2008 Summer Camp, Scotts Valley Steer Show, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, No Name Car & Boat Show, Club Reports and much much more........... PDF 5/1/08
April 2008 Summer Camp, Scotts Valley Steer Field Day, 4-H Million Trees Project, Shooting Sports Workshops, Family Fun Shoot and much much more............... PDF 3/31/08
March 2008 Lake/Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp, Paul Alexander Scholarship, Clothing & Textile and Home Arts Field Day, Presentation Day Photos and much much more...... PDF 1/27/10
February 2008 Presentation Day Information & Forms, Upper Lake Tri Tip Dinner, Lake/Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp, Danny Wilds Scholarship,Indoor Seeding Workshop,Clothing and Textile & Home Arts Field Day Information and Registration Form and much much more..... PDF 2/5/08
January 2008 Project Leader Workshop, Presentation Day, Tax Deductions for Leaders and Parents, Elements of a Strong 4-H Project, CSU Chico Swine Day and much, much more......... PDF 12/11/08
December 2007 Remote Control Car Project, Camp Dean/Director/Counselor Application, Shooting Sports Workshop, Club Updates, CSU Chico Swine Day and much much more.... PDF 10/16/08
November 2007 Achievement Night, Project Leader Workshop, Advisor Corner, Shooting Sports Workshop, New Record Book Format Workshop, Remote Control Car Project and much much more......... PDF 9/1/08
October 2007 Achievement Night, Record Books,Club Reports, Master Gardener Workshop and much much more.... PDF 8/26/08
September 2007 Winner of Newsletter Name Change, Constitution Day, Constitution Crossword Puzzle, Record Book Time, National 4-H Week, Fair Thank You!! and much much more..... PDF 7/23/08
August 2007 2007 Lake County Fair Information, No Name Car Show, State Presentation Day, Club Budget Info, Partyline Name Change Contest and much, much, more...... PDF 7/16/08
July 2007 No Name Car Club Event, Fair Reminders, Safe Food Handling Workshop, Project Updates, Club News, Countywide Sewing Project, Updates From State 4-H Office, and more...... PDF 7/1/08
June 2007 Market Steer Field Day, Partyline Name Change Contest, Club Reports, Radio Spots for Livestock Auction, Kiss-A-Pig Event, Lake County Fair 2007, No Name Car Show and much much more...... PDF 6/15/08
May 2007 Kiss-a-Pig, Partyline Name Change Contest, Beef Judging Day, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, WHY Conference, Paul Alexander Scholarship Information and much much more....... PDF 6/11/08
April 2007 Summer Camp, Sectional Presentation Day Results, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Earth Day Celebration, Updates From the State 4-H Office PDF 9/30/08
February 2007 This issue contains Presentation Day Information & Forms, Summer Camp Informatiom, Upper Lake Tri-tip Dinner Information, Countywide Goat Project Meeting Info, Danny Wilds Scholarship Information, Clup Reporter responsibilities, club meeting activity, photography contest and Partyline Name Change?....... PDF 2/7/08
January 2007 County Presentation Day, CSU Swine Day, CSU Sheep and Goat Day, 4-H Council Store, Tax Deductions for Leaders and Parents, Horse Symposium, Club Updates, Scholarships, Updates from the State 4-H Office and much more..... PDF 12/27/07
November/December 2006 Shooting Sports or Archery Training, Achievement Night, Child Safety Training, Countywide Projects, Fountain of Youth Facts, Council Check Presentations, County Presentation Day and Updates from the State 4-H Office PDF 12/6/07
October 2006 How to get on the Lake County Extension Website, Fair Winners, Updates State 4-H Office, 4-H Volunteers, Record Books, Danny Wilds Fair Award, Community Service Project and more...... PDF 12/6/10
September 2006 4-H Council Elections, Constitution Day Word Search, Eel River Clean-up, Fair Thank You Notes, National 4-H Week Reminder, Missing Library List, Record Book Reminder. PDF 12/6/10
August 2006 Lake County Fair Information, County Record Book Information, Summer Camp Lost/Found, How to Qualify for Year Pin & Stripe.......... PDF 12/6/10