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The California 4-H Leadership Conferences are an opportunity for diverse groups of youth that are currently engaged in significant leadership and /or service learning activities to come together while further learning and developing their leadership and teamwork skills.


The History:

In 1914, 143 4-Hers traveled to the University Farm in Davis to attend the first State 4-H Convention honoring 4-H contest winners.  The 4-H members stayed for three days in canvas tents.  The Conference changed in 1960 to the current 4-H State Leadership Conference to help to improve leadership skills.


The mission of the 4-H State Leadership Conference...

To provide youth with leadership and service skills, peer and adult networks, encouragement and opportunities necessary to improve their well-being, their family and their community.

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Past State Leadership Conferences:

State Leadership Conference 2003

Lisa Frost, Lisa Robertson, and Jennifer Yzaguirre made up Lake County's 2003 SLC delegation.  Each delegate learned more about citizenship and leadership, met some great people and had a wonderful time doing it.  Thanks to Carol Robertson for chaperoning.

State Leadership Conference 2002

Lake County sent a delegation to the 89th Annual State Leadership Conference in August of 2002.  Those attending were: Jennifer Keithly, Lisa Robertson, Janelle Hodge, Claire Springer, Robyn Murgatroyd, Erik Stolesen, Joanne Timmons, Amanda Kane, Kacie Campbell, Jennifer Campbell, and Clinton Frazell.  Greg Stolesen, Julie Hodge, and Barbara Elmer chaperoned.  Everyone had a wonderful time and was able to bring back new information and skills to their clubs. 

State Leadership Conference 2001

A delegation from Lake County recently attended a State 4-H Leadership Conference in San Diego. Those attending were: Roger Rosenthal and Patrick Rosenthal from the Dry Creek 4-H Club as well as Erik Stolesen, Clinton Frazell, Kacie Campbell, Jennifer Campbell, Joanne Timmons, Renee Timmons and Kandee Stolesen from the Scotts Valley 4-H Club. The Stolesen family was privilaged to host a young man from Canada - Jonathan Zadunayski. He was one of 2 delegates selected to attend the California Conference. They picked him up at the airport a week before they flew down to San Diego. The Leadership group had an orientation meeting at Outrageous Waters so that everyone could get to know each other as well as Jonathan. The delegation had a wonderful time and will be happy to share with you the information that they have learned.