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Show & Tell Your 4-H Story!

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Centennial Celebration - 100 Years & Thriving

Tell Us Your Story!
As a part of California's Centennial Celebration, we want to hear your 4-H story!

Tell us a little about your experiences in 4-H and how they impacted your life. For example, you can upload a favorite phot from your 4-H days and tell us something you remember about the day it was taken! Or tell about a personal triumph you remember, and how you felt when it happened. What was the greatest challenge you mastered in 4-H? What was your favorite project, and what made it special? Did something turn out in a way that you never expected? Who made a difference in your 4-H experience? Which of their actions or statements stand out in your memory? Do you think 4-H changed you as a person? How?

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