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Diversified Agricultural Systems

Clebson Gonçalves UCCE Diversified Agriculture advisor in Lake & Mendocino counties.  

The UCCE Diversified Agriculture program provides education and outreach to 1) maintain and enhance the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of diversified agriculture; and 2) meet the growing demands and contribute to the success of farms in Lake & Mendocino counties.  

The Diversified Agriculture advisor focuses center around important pomological crops, i.e., pears, apples, walnuts, and olives, as well as other niche crops such as vegetables, edible grains, seeds, nursery starts, cosmetic ingredients, and others on importance to clientele. 

Primary research and outreach areas: 

  • Pest Management 
    1. Weeds 
    2. Insects 
    3. Diseases 

  • Sustainable Management Practices (Alternative practices or organic methods) 

  • Pesticide application and safety 

  • Nutrition/fertilization 

  • Cover Cropping 

  • No-Till 

  • Soil Health 

  • Crop Establishment 

Please fill out this needs assessment survey. This survey was designed to get to know the stakeholders, industry organizations, and other potential collaborators within my territory. Please take a few minutes to let me know what your needs are and what topics you would like information about.