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Human Influences to Clear Lake, California - A 20th Century History (.pdf)

The discipline of Freshwater Ecology can include lakes (limnology), streams and rivers, freshwater emergent wetlands (marshes) and ephemeral (seasonal) wetlands such as vernal pools. It is a broad subject that can include topics of water quality and quantity; inland fisheries; amphibians and other vertebrates associated with fresh water habitats; micro and macro aquatic invertebrates and aquatic vegetation.

In Lake County when one thinks of freshwater ecology it is obvious to think of Clear Lake, California's largest natural body of water. However, other large and important bodies of water are within the boundaries of Lake County. These include:
Lake Pillsbury located within the boundaries of the Mendocino National Forest
Indian Valley Reservoir http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/ukiah/indianvalley.html a Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Area surrounded by lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.
Hidden Valley Lake and Highland Springs Reservoir
Streams are found throughout the mountainous region of Lake County. In most cases they drain to the Sacramento River system to the east. A list of the major named streams can be found at
Make sure to visit the NEW Clear Lake Aquatic Website. It offers information on fish species, algae, invasive aquatic species, and past/present research of Clear Lake. It also provides links to many local, regional, state, and federal agencies and organizations who are connected to the area.

Recent Research update about Clear Lake

2010 Clean Lake Historical Data Analysis (.pdf)

Appendix - Clear Lake Historical Data Analysis (.pdf)
Summer and Clear Lake - Published Lake County Record-Bee July 6th, 2013. By G.A. Giusti.