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Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp

Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp


The Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp is a week-long camp filled with fun and exciting adventures that are sure to be remembered for years to come. All 4-H Members ages 9-13 may participate in camp as a camper. Members ages 12-13 also have the opportunity to attend camp as a Jr. Teen Staff. Members ages 14-18 years of age have the opportunity to attend camp as a Teen Staff or Dean and members ages 16–18 may serve as a Director or Ambassador. For more information contact (707) 263-6838.

During camp, campers will participate in daily educational workshops, campfire and other activities. Some of the workshops that have been offered at camp have been: Archery, Shooting Sports, Hiking, Water Activities, Sports, Arts & Crafts, photography and much much more!!

The Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp is sure to bring exciting experiences, lifelong friends and the chance to learn fun new activities!!

This year camp will be June 24, 2024 - June 28, 2024 at the Mendocino Woodlands Camp. Check out the website for our new [to us] facility at http://mendocinowoodlands.org. The camp is a National Historic Landmark near town of Mendocino.

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