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Through the end of September, we are offering a 25% discount on this helpful manual. Edited by Beth Mitcham and Rachel Elkins, the chapters were written by numerous experts on pear fruit production and handling. Chapters include pear industry overview, pear orchard and tree management, irrigation and fertilization, pest management and postharvest handling of pears. Fifteen pages of color plates are also included.

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Lake County Programs

Living with Drought

The aim of this page is to provide links to research based information regarding water resources and drought.

Agriculture Resources

Agricultural economic development, land use, marketing, and tourism information helpful in Lake County, and beyond.

4-H Youth Development

Julie Frazell, 4-H Youth Development Program Representative, can be reached at (707) 263-6838 or email Julie . 4-H is more than a club - 4-H is young people getting ready for the future. In 4-H, you will work with other people in a 4-H club, in your school,or with another organization. 4-H'ers can also go to camps, show their work at fairs, travel, host youth from other countries, attend meetings and events with other young people, and much, much more!

Mendocino-Lake 4-H Summer Camp

The Lake-Mendocino 4-H Summer Camp is a week long camp filled with fun and exciting adventures that are sure to be remembered for years to come. Any 4-H Member who is entering the 4th-9th grade can come to camp as a camper. If a member is entering the 8th or 9th grade they also have the opportunity to attend camp as a Counselor-In-Training. Older members who have already attended camp as a Counselor-In-Training have the opportunity to come to camp as a Counselor, Dean, or Director. For more informaion contact (707)263-6838.


Greg Giusti, Forest & Wildlands Ecology Advisor for Mendocino and Lake Counties can be reached at (707) 463-4495 or e-mail Greg . Forestry addresses complex management concerns with an inclusive approach for landowner input and direction. Assists decision makers in developing progressive programs aimed at the conservation of natural resources.

Fresh Water Ecology

This site is dedicated to the complex and multi-disciplined topics of inland fisheries, exotic species, amphibians, wetlands, and limnology. It is intended to provide quick and simple access to University resources to assist the people of Lake County access to the vast array of resources and information available to better manage freshwater aquatic resources.

Fruits & Nuts

Rachel Elkins, Pomology Farm Advisor for Lake and Mendocino Counties, and Lake County Master Gardener Advisor can be reached by calling (707) 263-6838 or e-mail Rachel . Major crop responsibilities include European pears, walnuts, olives, apples, and all other tree fruit and nut crops, except wine grapes. Pomology focuses on all aspects of efficiently producing annual fruit and nut crops, including horticulture, pest management, and environmental protection.

UAPTOP - Unmanaged Apple and Pear Tree Outreach Program

Rachel Elkins, Pomology Farm Advisor for Lake and Mendocino Counties and Gabriele O’Neill, can be reached at (707) 263-6838. Alternatively, you can e-mail Rachel or e-mail Gabriele . The Unmanaged Apple and Pear Tree Outreach Program was created in response to Ordinance #2895 (Abatement of unmanaged, neglected and abandoned pear and apple trees) to see if you are affected, go to Its goal is to educate the public about the need to properly manage pear and apple trees in the vicinity of commercial orchards in order to prevent the constant influx of pests, which threaten the success of non-chemical pest control programs.

Integrated Pest Management

Lucia Varela, Area IPM Advisor-North Coast, can be reached at (707) 565-2621, or e-mail Lucia . Research and links for Integrated Pest Management of apples, pears and winegrapes. Additional information is available at:

Livestock and Range Management

John Harper, Livestock and Range Management Advisor for Mendocino and Lake Counties can be reached at (707) 463-4495 or e-mail John . The Livestock and Range Management program encompasses water quality issues, natural resource management, and livestock production. Additional information is available here.

Master Gardener

Rachel Elkins, Pomology Farm Advisor for Lake and Mendocino Counties, and Lake County Master Gardener Advisor or Gabriele O'Neill, Master Gardener Coordinator can be reached by calling (707) 263-6838 or e-mail Rachel  or e-mail Gabriele . Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who provide advice and support for local non-commercial gardeners. Questions for Master Gardeners may be directed to or call (707) 263-6838.

Viticulture & Enology

Glenn McGourty, Viticulture & Plant Science Advisor for Mendocino and Lake Counties can be reached by calling (707) 463-4495 or e-mail Glenn .

ANR Safety Notes

Safety Notes are brief, one-page summaries of various safety topics that can be used for training.

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Pest in the Urban Landscape

Spooky Spiders?
Posted 10/31/2014 - Halloween is the perfect time to talk about some of the creepy, crawlies that scare people the most: Spiders. Many people think that all spiders are dangerous, scary, and aggressive. Most spiders are harmless and serve a beneficial role by catching and...

Insects in Lawns
Posted 10/28/2014 - Contrary to popular belief, insects are not a common cause of residential lawn damage in California, Lack of proper cultural care and use of inappropriate grass species in a particular location are much more likely to cause unhealthy or dying lawns than...

Invasive pests of concern for California’s urban agriculture systems
Posted 10/16/2014 - Every year, California receives, on average, six new exotic invasive pests of concern; that's about one new pest every 60 days. These may be plants, insects or other arthropods, mollusks, plant pathogens such as fungi and bacteria, vertebrates, or any...

Bagrada bug continues to spread in California
Posted 10/7/2014 - The Bagrada bug (Bagrada hilaris) is an invasive stink bug insect that was first reported in 2008 in Los Angeles County, California.  It has now spread to several counties in California and is moving northward in the state. Bagrada bug is also...

Bed Bug Monitors
Posted 9/29/2014 - [From the December 2012 issue of the UC IPM Retail Nursery & Garden Center News] After decades of relative obscurity, bed bugs (Figure 1) are exhibiting a global resurgence. In the United States, the Northeast and Midwest regions have been...

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